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The last few posts here on the ol’ blog have been on the serious side. I’m really not so super serious, I promise. So to lighten things up, I have a few videos of Charlie & Lillian interacting in candid, everyday ways. This is real life around here.

* Lillian does occasionally wear pants, I promise!

* These videos are a pretty accurate representation of how frequently we hear Charlie say, “Junebug? Junebug! Junebug.”

* From the time Lillian was 9 months old to the time she was around 20 or 21 months, I was pretty sure my children would fight and bicker and hit and bite for the rest of their lives. I just could not believe how unprepared I was for the whole sibling rivalry thing. But somewhere in the past 5 or 6 months, they’ve turned a corner. They still fight, as evidenced in video #1 above, but a lot of the time, they play together, they sing together, they comfort each other, they offer to help each other, they have whole conversations that do not include me. I love watching this. They have a precious friendship, and I’m grateful for this short season of their childhoods when they are together constantly and can grow with each other and learn with each other about sharing and caring and loving.



Video catch-up

So it’s been about a year since I’ve posted a video. A year! I’ve uploaded quite a few to YouTube, but I’ll just post some recent favorites here.

Charlie has an impressive ability to memorize — songs, books, conversations, whatever. Here (at 3 years, 10 months) he “reads” one of our family favorites, A Wocket in My Pocket.

And again (now age 4 + 2 months), “reading” The Three Bears to his dear and patient friend Charlotte.

Lillian’s turn. She is about 22 months in both of these. Here she is reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear with Gramps (it starts out sideways, but I quickly realize my error and turn the camera!).

And most recently, Lillian sings a couple songs. Between the two kids, almost every minute of the day is filled with someone’s singing!

Lilybean videos

She’s smart:

And simply hysterical! (And no, I did not use a curling iron on that wild hair!)

Talking boy

Charlie is a full-fledged talker now. A conversationalist. A high-energy motormouth spewing consonants and vowels.

Jeff and I love to catch each other’s eye across the room and snicker while we listen to him ramble on. He “reads” his books out loud when he thinks no one is paying attention; he sings little songs about the toy in his hand; he repeats over and over little bits of his Blues Clues videos; and he provides non-stop commentary on the events of every moment of every day.

I’ve been trying to capture snippets of this on video for a while now, but these chatty moments are unpredictable. Plus, Cboy enters shy-and-quiet mode whenever I turn on the camera. But here’s a tiny taste. This particular singing of Old MacDonald happened several weeks ago now, and Charlie has honed his skills (and pitch!) significantly even since then.


Now that Lillian is a little more alert and active, she and Charlie are more frequently interacting in that sweet sibling way I always imagined. When Charlie is in the room, Lillian’s eyes are on him. She’s even been known to start fussing when he leaves her sight. Charlie can get her laughing like no one else can, and I’ve finally caught that on a couple videos.

A video! And how I spoke too soon.

First, a video:

And now for a humble admission: it seems I may have been too quick to brag on Charlie’s successful no-soother sleep. The first three nights were great. Hence the bragging. But the past four days of naps have been TERRIBLE! And four days of no naps or fitful naps makes for one overtired boy, which means that now it’s difficult for him to fall asleep even at night. Tonight he’s headed to bed early, and we’re praying that this transition phase is short-lived!

Old Video

I’m sorting through some old videos, trying to back things up (any suggestions?!) and clear up some space on our over-worked, over-crowded hard drive. Anyway, I came across this gem, maybe my favorite video of Charlie EVER, and I couldn’t resist posting it here. This was taken in April 2008, so Charlie was almost 15 months old.