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Lillian will be turning three and here is where I write about it

Lillian turns three in less than two weeks.

Surprisingly, I’ve been feeling pretty sad about this impending milestone. This year with Lillian has been a big one, and a fun one, and I’ll be sad to say good-bye to the “two” year. She’s a quirky, smart, curious, and sassy two-year-old, and we’ve had a blast watching her grow through this toddler year.

In the past year, Lillian has been potty trained, had kidney surgery, thrived in her communication skills, participated in Awana for the first time, transitioned smoothly to a big-girl bed, become more an equal with Charlie and less the baby sister, developed a love for paddling around the pool, and grown blonde curls nearly all the way down her back. She loves her grandparents and adores her Aunt Kristi (“Aunt Tisti!”); she gets excited about princesses and dress-up clothes and dessert and Minnie Mouse and anything pink; she likes bossing Charlie and helping him do things that he’s a little too nervous to do alone; she climbs up and down the playground equipment at the park as if she were part monkey; she’s been excited about going to preschool and counting down the months until she turns three.

It’s both thrilling and heartbreaking to watch my baby get so big!




Staff member

Yes, it’s true: I’m a Weight Watchers staff member!

It was just shy of one year ago when I sat with Jeff in his basement office and lamented (again) about my struggles with food and continual weight gain. He agreed (though hesitantly) that I could try WW’s online program. It was a decision that helped shape the course of my life, apparently!

I have to be honest, though. I’m not great at the whole “portion control” thing. I’m still terribly weak in the presence of brownies. But Weight Watchers gave me a sense of freedom with food that I had never experienced: freedom to say no, freedom to pile less onto my plate, freedom to think about things other than food. Unfortunately, some old habits have come knocking on my door with a vengeance. But I think that’s a natural and human part of making changes in one’s deeply ingrained lifestyle. Change is a tough and long process; it’s hard work. But I know that I have changed, and I am freer than I once was. And I’m grateful. I’m grateful that the WW program worked well for me, but even beyond that, I’m grateful that God has used it in my life as a tool for freedom and for discovering new passions and dreams that I never knew existed.

This newfound passion led me to an idea: What if I could work for Weight Watchers and support other people who are also wanting to change? On a whim one afternoon, I submitted an application through their website. I filled out an online questionnaire. I had a phone interview. And this morning I attended a local WW meeting and met the Territorial Manager to discuss the job.

I’ll be a meeting receptionist: weighing people, filling out paperwork, offering encouragement or ideas, selling products, etc. And I can’t wait!

If I like this role, I’ll probably consider training to be a meeting leader. The more supportive, “admin” role of receptionist seems to fit with my experience and personality a bit better, but who knows. Maybe after observing leaders for a while I’ll decide to give it a shot. But for now, I know for certain that I’m a Weight Watchers staff member, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!