About my blog

Welcome to my cyber-home! This blog is nothing particularly fancy and nothing at all specialized. You won’t typically find (though I may surprise you) tutorials on my latest craft project, because those just aren’t a common occurrence in my home. You won’t find beautiful photos taken at just the right angle in just the right light, because I have a cheapish camera and am lucky to even grab it in time to capture a memorable moment. And you won’t find a portrayal of a perfect life: mine is messy and chaotic most days, and I’m not a good faker, even online.

But I blog because I enjoy keeping a record of my family’s life. And I enjoy staying connected with long-distance friends. So here’s what you will find: anecdotes of small-town life and family vacations; pictures of my children, Charlie and Lillian, doing all the wacky and quirky things that children are wont to do; comments and questions regarding books I’m reading or conversations I’ve had; and the occasional play-by-play of life’s unexpected turns.


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  1. Hi, Aunt Jess!

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