I could spend an entire day writing about Lillian and still not finish. This girl is a delight and a mystery!


The older she gets (almost FOUR now!) the more witty she becomes. Jeff and I are constantly exchanging amused glances over something she has said. She makes us laugh and keeps us on our toes.


Today especially, she’s been cracking me up. Here are a few examples.

– As we prepared to leave the house for preschool this morning:
“Backpack? Check! No jacket? Check! Beautiful day? Check!”

-Looking at pretend ballons in the sky on our way to drop off Charlie at school:
“It’s perfect! Do you know what’s in the sky? A Savior Jesus!”

-And on the way home from preschool:
“Daddy likes pink. Then why doesn’t Charlie like pink? He’s a stubborn kid!”


And here are a few of my favorite words she says. I’ll be sad when she learns to pronounce them correctly!

-oapmeal (oatmeal)
-porehead (forehead)
[EDIT: I just quizzed her on those first two examples, and she pronounced them correctly. *sniff*]
-“t” sound in place of a hard “c,” which creates words like: yut (yuck), tate (cake), stool (school) [Jeff more accurately typed it “stchuwool”]
-“w” sound in place of “r,” such as libwrewwy (library) and Chawlie (Charlie)


Two more favorite things about Lillian in this season:

-She’s so affectionate. Generally on her own terms, but she’s almost always ready for a cuddle. I snort-laugh when she sticks her face right in mine, with her little hands on my cheeks, and smothers me with kisses. It’s heaven.

-She’s very excited about being a big sister, and I know she’ll be a great one. She loves to comment on my belly (“Mommy, your belly is getting fat!”) and sit next to me and talk to Baby (“Hello, are you in there?”). I can’t wait to see her and Charlie when they cuddle this baby for the first time.



4 responses to “Lillianisms

  1. Love it. What a great kid she is. And what about “pee-TAWZ ” for “because”?

    • Yes, Kristi, that’s a favorite too!! I also forgot to mention that one of her favorite books right now is called “I Broke My Trunk,” and that last word comes out “Twunt.” Love it.

  2. I bwote my twunt.

  3. Oooh I love these latest kiddie posts! They’re growing up so much … but still so irrisistably little and sweet still.

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