Thankful in this season

The past few months have been very hard, but very joyful. Hard because I’m exhausted, napping two and three times a day, nearly incapable of performing basic household chores. Hard because I’m nauseous most of my waking hours. But joyful because, of course, there’s a reason for feeling so yucky. Baby #3 will be arriving in mid-November!

We’re very excited to welcome this little one into our family, and there’s so much I could rattle on about! But for now, just a few things I’m so grateful for during these months of the crummies:

-A very kind and patient husband who allows me extra sleep and the occasional night off of kid duty
-Very thoughtful and generous friends and family who have brought meals or offered babysitting help when I’ve felt extra needy
-A gap between Lillian and this baby! Lillian has been surprisingly understanding when I tell her that Mommy needs rest because Baby makes me tired. I’ll lie down in bed for a nap, and she’ll sit next to me paging quietly through stacks and stacks of books. My kids have long outgrown their naps, but I’m thankful that they’re independent enough to allow me some rest.
-A flexible work schedule. I’ve kept busy, but not overwhelmingly so. This comfortable pace has been a gift.
-A great first appointment with an OB I’d never met. I liked her and immediately felt at ease with her. And we heard Baby’s strong heartbeat and had a quick look at the sono. Everything looked great!

I’m ready for this stretch of the pregnancy to be over, but I’m constantly reminded of how well I’m being cared for in the midst of it.


8 responses to “Thankful in this season

  1. Yay! Congrats 🙂 Lillian will be a great big sister

  2. We are excited for another Reimer cousin!

    I am glad everything (other than the yuckies) is going well for you in your pregnancy.

    I remember too well being so very tired all the time. It is amazing how much MORE energy I have now that Cate is here, even though I get LESS sleep. Although I still don’t get as much accomplished around the house as I’d like because now she always wants to eat or be held. 🙂

    Hope you start feeling better and that the 2nd trimester gives you a nice boost of energy.

  3. oh yay! congrats!!!!

  4. So glad to hear there’s been some great positives amidts the weary days! Thinking of you often!

  5. Great news — Congratulations!! Hope you get feeling much better soon. Morning sickness is the pits!

  6. Yay, Reimers! I’m very excited for you. I’ve just crossed the threshold into the second trimester of my pregnancy and things are looking up! Hang in there–you’ll be there soon!

  7. carmen classen

    Congrats, Reimers! What exciting news! Hope your body turns a corner soon.

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