Is it wrong to fear summer?

Last summer, I cried at the thought of Charlie being gone at school all day long. And I still hate it sometimes. I wish he were home more.

But now as summer approaches, I’m mildly terrified of his being home all day long. What will I do with him? He’s often quite needy and clingy, wanting someone to play with him every waking hour of the day. And I’m just not ready for an entire summer of dealing with that.

I know that being prepared will go a long way. Having plans of things to do, places to go, activities to try.

If you’ve stumbled upon this little blog and have any insight to offer, I’d love to hear it!


2 responses to “Is it wrong to fear summer?

  1. Jess!
    You are not alone 🙂 i’ve had to consciously tell myself to get a different attitude about summer time. I quickly got used to it being just me and Marin the first year ava was in school and then all of a sudden i had two to entertain (school aged kids are hard to keep happy!). One thing i know i’ll need to do this summer is to have a schedule and to keep Ava busy without it becoming ‘too busy’ for our family. Maybe we can pray for each other’s sanity and attitude?’ 🙂

  2. Sure activities and places to go are nice, but kids also need to know how to entertain themselves. Or hopefully, they can play together sometimes!!

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