So we’re not morning people

Well hello, little blog!

Here’s a funny comparison of my expectations last fall of our new school schedule versus how the morning often plays out by now.

THE ANTICIPATED MORNING SCHEDULE (let’s say it’s a Tuesday morning)
7:15 Alarm: Jeff gets in the shower, I wake up Charlie.
7:16-7:41 Help Charlie get dressed, feed him breakfast, then scramble around getting him and Jeff out the door.
7:42 Jeff and Charlie leave for school.
7:43-8:09 I shower and get ready for the day.
8:10 Wake up Lillian (and Jeff returns).
8:11-8:44 Get Lillian dressed and fed, then scramble around readying for preschool.
8:45 Out the door.

REALITY (Not always, but embarrassingly often)
7:18 Alarm: Jeff takes a shower, I wake up Charlie.
7:19-7:44 Help Charlie get dressed, feed him breakfast, maybe pack him a lunch, then sit at the table like a zombie, pretending to be present in this one-on-one time with my son.
7:45 Jeff and Charlie out the door.
7:45:30 Crawl back into bed.
8:09 I hear the garage door open. Jeff comes into the room and collapses onto the bed.
8:09:30 We’re both sound asleep.
8:22 I wake and glance at the clock. Nope, back to sleep.
8:29 Drag my dead body out of bed. Wake Lillian. Jeff agrees to get her breakfast.
8:30-8:58 Scramble around getting myself presentable, while urging Lillian to put her clothes on and get her backpack ready.
8:59 Out the door.


3 responses to “So we’re not morning people

  1. I am very jealous that you have to wake up Lilian at 8:30, that she’s not already up!! I am not jealous of the “having to be out the door by a certain time”. We only have to do that on Tuesdays, and Andy is usually able to get Kesler ready for me πŸ™‚

  2. sounds like our house! lol

  3. I’m surprised that you’re not morning people but get up right when the alarm goes off. I set mine for about 30 minutes before I have to be up and get little 9-minute naps in until the next snooze alarm. πŸ™‚

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