Friday night

I think we’re back to health around here. I would still like to sleep a little extra, but that’s nothing new. So back to regular programming.

Monday afternoon I was still too sick to go to work at the Weight Watchers meeting, but not too sick to make dinner. And it’s maybe the most I’ve ever enjoyed making dinner. I felt like I had awakened from a long hibernation and was at least halfway alive again.

The rest of the week passed by in a blur. I finished up a proofreading project, talked to a couple long-distance friends, readied half-birthday treats for Lillian’s preschool buddies, ate too many cookies, went to a Christmas parade, and now here it is Friday night. We had a family dinner at my parents’ house, and the grandkids decorated their Christmas tree. It’s so entertaining watching kids as they eye the tree carefully, looking for just the perfect spot. And always, there are one or two clusters where most of the ornaments end up.

Tomorrow we may be buying new tile for the bathroom floor. We recently discovered water trickling down Jeff’s built-in bookshelves in his basement office, and we’re pretty sure it’s because the main-floor bathroom flooring needs to be replaced and properly sealed. Enter my parents, who have tiled many a floor in their history of house renovations. I’m nervous about tile shopping, though. Neither Jeff nor I are good at making decisions, and I struggle to envision what I want in finishing/decorating a space. Something cheap, something that doesn’t show every speck of dirt and hair, something easy to clean, something that goes well with the vanity that we’re unfortunately keeping for a while. And now I’m overwhelmed.

The kids are quiet now, so it’s movie time with Jeff. I’m looking forward to this. The majority of recent weekends we’ve either been traveling, sick, or working. Just hoping I can stay awake.


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