A new era?

Last Friday, Jeff and I were just crazy enough to try something new with our kids: putting them to bed at someone else’s house, then transferring them to the car, then transferring them to their own beds. I know many people do this regularly, but 1) we’ve never been brave enough to try because 2) both of our children have been, well, not so great in the sleep department.

But Friday Jeff called from the golf course to say that some friends had invited us over for dinner. Sounds great! I said. Oh, and their invitation included staying late to play games. Something came over me, and I was suddenly bursting with confidence that the kids would surely fall asleep just fine in someone else’s home. So we gave it a try.

And it worked! It took Lillian awhile to stop calling for me, but eventually they settled down and slept like wee angels. We played a crazy, violence-inducing card game late into the night and had a great time. We carried the groggy kids to the car and endured just a minute or two of whining and flailing. Not too bad! I was worried most about moving Lillian from the car to her crib, but she snuggled right in and went back to sleep.

We have a new freedom! We just keep inching further and further away from the baby stage. It’s bittersweet, but we’re definitely enjoying the relative ease of both kids being a bit older.


6 responses to “A new era?

  1. Most excellent!!

  2. Wow, Reimers. You’re onto something. That sounds fabulous!

  3. So glad it worked! Thanks for braving it for a night with us!! YAY!

  4. Your intuition is not a thing to be trifled with.

  5. That’s great! I try to avoid the transfer whenever possible, but really it’s not so bad. Good job guys!

  6. thats awesome!! Its a great feeling to be social and still have sleeping rested children!!

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