Staff member

Yes, it’s true: I’m a Weight Watchers staff member!

It was just shy of one year ago when I sat with Jeff in his basement office and lamented (again) about my struggles with food and continual weight gain. He agreed (though hesitantly) that I could try WW’s online program. It was a decision that helped shape the course of my life, apparently!

I have to be honest, though. I’m not great at the whole “portion control” thing. I’m still terribly weak in the presence of brownies. But Weight Watchers gave me a sense of freedom with food that I had never experienced: freedom to say no, freedom to pile less onto my plate, freedom to think about things other than food. Unfortunately, some old habits have come knocking on my door with a vengeance. But I think that’s a natural and human part of making changes in one’s deeply ingrained lifestyle. Change is a tough and long process; it’s hard work. But I know that I have changed, and I am freer than I once was. And I’m grateful. I’m grateful that the WW program worked well for me, but even beyond that, I’m grateful that God has used it in my life as a tool for freedom and for discovering new passions and dreams that I never knew existed.

This newfound passion led me to an idea: What if I could work for Weight Watchers and support other people who are also wanting to change? On a whim one afternoon, I submitted an application through their website. I filled out an online questionnaire. I had a phone interview. And this morning I attended a local WW meeting and met the Territorial Manager to discuss the job.

I’ll be a meeting receptionist: weighing people, filling out paperwork, offering encouragement or ideas, selling products, etc. And I can’t wait!

If I like this role, I’ll probably consider training to be a meeting leader. The more supportive, “admin” role of receptionist seems to fit with my experience and personality a bit better, but who knows. Maybe after observing leaders for a while I’ll decide to give it a shot. But for now, I know for certain that I’m a Weight Watchers staff member, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!


5 responses to “Staff member

  1. Congrats!

  2. yay! you’ll be go good at it with your sweet and encouraging spirit. and i might add…you look GREAT! (and always have) :o)

  3. Congratulations!!!

  4. I am so behind on blogs! This is awesome, such great news. I can’t wait to hear more once you get started!

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