Cleaning schedule

Dana, this one’s for you!

I still need to tweak this a bit, but here’s my weekly schedule of household chores, as mentioned here:

sort any piles of papers (usually on our kitchen counter or on the hutch in the dining room)
file papers

sweep hard floors (kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway)
steam mop if needed

dust (not necessarily every Wednesday…ahem.)
vacuum bedrooms and living room rug

laundry (sheets and towels)
clean bathroom

vacuum basement (not required every week)
sort any piles of papers

Now of course, many things have to happen on a daily basis and therefore aren’t even on the list (dishes, picking up toys and clothes, emptying the kitchen garbage, cooking meals). And some things on the list may actually have to happen more than once a week (sweeping the kitchen and dining room floors [often more than once a day, even], cleaning the bathroom, and sorting mail and other collected papers). But these things still need a dedicated place in my week, I think, so that if the past seven days have been a whirl and I haven’t once swept up the discarded dinner crumbs and stray cat food from my dining room floor (please don’t judge), I know that, if it’s Tuesday, that’s one thing I have to accomplish.

I’m still iffy about the laundry schedule. I’ve toyed with the idea of having one dedicated laundry day, but it just never seems to pan out. Our laundry is in the basement, and while this is a far better arrangement than multiple other homes we’ve inhabited, I still have such a hard time keeping up with load after load. I think I do better to spread it out through the week.

Another thing. I didn’t include grocery shopping on my weekly list, though it may be added someday. I still can’t seem to find a perfect time in my week for tackling this. So we typically pop by Dillons for shorter shops of more immediate grocery needs, then I’ll go one evening every few weeks for a bigger shop.

Do you have any tips on weekly grocery shopping trips? Or care to share your own cleaning schedule?


3 responses to “Cleaning schedule

  1. I like your list! I always do laundry on Monday too. When I was a young mom, I did ironing on Tuesdays, I can’ recall Wednesdays – maybe baking, Thursday was cleaning and Friday was shopping. I know now that Tuesday mornings are a great time to do shopping (Dillons or Wal-mart) as there are no lines! I also at another time in life disected the cleaning into various days like you do. It helps to have some structure, doesn’t it. But as long as we are open to unexpected happenings or interruptions that God brings. Moments to minister to others inspite of the “to do” list.

  2. I like your list a lot. Our “big” grocery shop seems to have fallen off the map and we do a lot more smaller shops throughout the week and month. Not sure what the best choice is. Our grocery store is SO close that it’s easy to be there and back in 10 minutes if need be. I may need a laundry schedule too, right now I just do laundry when the basket is full. But maybe a day for regular laundry, a day for hang dry laundry and a day for “other” would be nice. Though my washer/dryer are right near my kitchen so it’s really easy to keep up with it. I thought I would hate my laundry room being so central but I’ve come to appreciate it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You are AWESOME! Thanks for this. I am currently trying to do laundry (1 load) on most days that I am home. However, sometimes I get behind and then have to do 6 loads in one day! 🙂

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