Kansas City: Fourth of July

Last Thursday, we were having lunch at Jeff’s parents’ house, per Thursday tradition. We asked his parents what they were planning for the 4th of July, and they said they’d be driving to Kansas City to visit Jeff’s sister on Sunday, then coming home Monday. Jeff responded, “Okay, we’ll come with you.”

After a few moments of confusion — Really? Are you serious? Could it work? We’re not intruding? — we all agreed that yes, it would be fun to go together!

So on Sunday afternoon, we all piled into my in-laws’ minivan and headed for Kansas City. The drive was so nice — chatting, reading, napping, and generally trying to soak up a few hours of forced relaxation. That evening and the following morning were spent lazily enjoying being in Kristi’s home: meals together, donuts for breakfast, a video for the kids, playtime outside, a walk around the block, and an evening chatting after the kids went to bed. Though brief, it really did feel like vacation! On Monday afternoon we headed for a nearby pool. But it wasn’t just any pool; it was a huge aquatic complex of different pools for different activities — a pool for diving, a pool for swimming laps, a pool for kiddos, a pool for slides, a pool for lying on floating raft things. It was quite impressive, and the kids (and adults) had a blast! Charlie and Lillian discovered some short little fountains at the edge of one of the pools, and I’m pretty sure that was their favorite part.

Once we had exhausted ourselves, we returned to Kristi’s, packed everything up, piled in the van, and headed for home. We drove into town around dusk to a wonderful display of fireworks around town, and stepped out of the van to the thunderous sounds of the Fourth.

We so enjoyed our little getaway and having some time with Jeff’s parents and sister. To Dave and Marilyn, thanks for taking Jeff seriously when he invited all four of us along on your quiet weekend away!

I didn’t take a single picture on the trip, but here’s a recent one of Charlie and Lillian in my parents’ backyard pool:


One response to “Kansas City: Fourth of July

  1. What a blast! Sounds like you had a lovely holiday away. ❤

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