To-do list: checking in

My little vacation from editing work has been so refreshing thus far. I’m keeping plenty busy, but I feel a bit more connected to my home and my family. Here are a few things I’ve tackled from my previously posted to-do list:

-Clean, paint, and organize the garage [I have attacked the cobwebs with a broom and used some serious muscle power to remove a shelf bracket thing from the wall. No painting or organizing to speak of.]

-Room by room, declutter and organize and clean [Today I sorted the toys with gusto. I’ve dusted and swept and mopped. I’ve decluttered a few nooks and crannies.]

-Learn how to use my sewing machine [My mom came over last night, and we worked on a cute little outfit for Lillian. The trick now is to use the sewing machine regularly. If I don’t use it within the next two months, I’ll need yet another lesson!]

-Put up shelves in our storage room and get it all in order [Done! This was a full-day project last Wednesday. We still have a whole pile of boxes and bins that need to be gone through (like letters from friends in high school, and old VHS movies), but at least those boxes are all together in one end of the room.]

-Finish reading my current book and blog about it [I haven’t finished. But I’ve continued reading, and continued to love it. If you want to read along with me, it’s called Keeping House by Margaret Kim Peterson. It’s a life changer!]

-Send some thank-you cards, call some friends, buy some gifts [Yes, I have done these things and hope to continue doing them. I have some pretty phenomenal friends. And a family I don’t deserve.]

And I have felt more freed up to play with my kids and relax a little. And I hope I’ve told my husband how much I appreciate him. (Father’s Day provided rather convenient timing for that.)

I am beginning to consider adding an item to my list: potty training Lillian. I didn’t want to rush into it. I’m really not interested right now. But I’m pretty sure Lillian is. (Warning: bodily functions discussed ahead.) Since last Saturday, three times she has sat on her little frog potty and immediately peed. Today at my grandma’s house, I was changing Lillian’s diaper. But as soon as I took the old one off, she insisted that she needed to sit on the big potty. So I held her up on the toilet, and she did go a little bit. Then tonight! Incredible! After her bath, Lillian was with Daddy and Charlie, ready to get her jammies on, while I cleaned up all the bath water from the bathroom floor. She ran in and said, “Me sit on me froggy potty Mommy?” So I helped her sit down, she immediately started pushing, and lo and behold, she pooped in the potty! I’m so proud. And quite shocked, actually. This hadn’t even entered my mind as something fun to do while not working… but I may not have a choice! Now I’m fantasizing about what it will be like to not have a kid in diapers.


2 responses to “To-do list: checking in

  1. Good update! I am impressed that you can do this with 2 kids, I have no idea how you find the time or motivation. I also found myself thinking that I couldn’t do some of the things on my list because I don’t know how much longer we will be in our current house..or city for that matter. What a blessing to have a house to call your own and actually organize properly!
    And way to go Lillian! I’ve heard that kids will let you know when they are ready to potty train–sounds true in this case.

  2. *on YOUR list (not “my” list)

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