Lillian turns two

My baby girl.

It’s dreadfully cliche to say so, but I just can’t help myself: how is it possible that she is TWO? So much has happened in the life of our family during her short two years, and the days and months have flown by. We never could have dreamed that our baby girl would grow into such a beautiful, fun, quirky little toddler, but she has. And those blonde curls! Lillian receives countless compliments on those blonde curls. Her big blue eyes, her sing-song voice, her spunk, her chubby little legs, her love for all things girly — I’m grateful for every little bit of her.

To celebrate her second birthday, we had a small gathering of family at the park. Fried chicken for lunch, cupcakes and ice cream for dessert, wonderful and thoughtful gifts for the birthday girl, and plenty of sunshine and laughter and fun.


Happy birthday, Chickadee!


2 responses to “Lillian turns two

  1. Happy 2nd Birthday Lillian!! I too can not believe you are two already! You are one special curly haired girl, Love you!!

  2. Happy birthday, precious girl….you are SO loved.

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