It’s been a long while

I’ve been in a sort-of blog funk. Not knowing what to write about, not knowing why to write, not knowing what purpose I want this little cyber-home to serve . . . and, the bottom line, not having a single spare minute in which to write a single thing.

But today is the glorious beginning of 2 1/2 weeks of self-instituted time off from editing, which seems the perfect time to blog. Along with evaluating life and priorities, cleaning my house like crazy, organizing my world, and tackling some home-improvement projects. Nothing major.

As I head into this stint of free evenings and weekends, I think a list would serve me well. So here are a few things I hope to accomplish, in no particular order, and by no means exhaustive:

-Get photo albums up to date
-Clean, paint, and organize the garage
-Work out
-Room by room, declutter and organize and clean
-Possibly have a garage sale
-Paint along the baseboards in our hallway (the previous owners only painted one coat above the baseboards, and I can totally tell and it annoys me)
-Get a couch for our basement and a slipcover
-Play with my children
-Tell my husband how much I appreciate him
-De-rock another flower bed and tidy it up
-Learn how to use my sewing machine
-Put up shelves in our storage room and get it all in order
-Finish reading my current book and blog about it
-Send some thank-you cards, call some friends, buy some gifts
-Become fluent in Spanish (I wish)

Small potatoes, right? The fabulous part of this whole thing is, not a single item on this list has a deadline. So much of my energy is directed toward deadlines; I’m genuinely excited about every one of these more open-ended tasks. Let the vacation begin!


6 responses to “It’s been a long while

  1. And remember Jess, you will have accomplished something if you only relax and play with your kids! 🙂 You deserve a break!

  2. Yeah – when you posted earlier about vacation time – I was hoping this meant more blog entries! Hooray!

  3. I’m learning to sew, too! Smooth sailing wishes to you, my fellow novice seamstress!

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  5. I’ve been so busy, I’ve hardly had time to read blogs! Your 2 week vay-cay is now over and I am JUST reading this. I am hoping the other 5 blogs I have to read are an update on this list 🙂 Hope it was a nice break. Love you!

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