Birthday details

Over two weeks ago now, Charlie turned four. We invited a group of friends and family to meet for a tour of the fire station then gather at our home for lunch and goodies.

We had a blast!

The weather was surprisingly nice (unlike today) — sunny and only mildly cold.

The kids were allowed to climb aboard a fire truck and an ambulance:

The birthday boy! Notice his fire engine shirt.

We watched the firemen dress up in their fireproof gear:

My parents with their grandbabies

The kids took turns being brave and sliding (partway) down the pole:

And the highlight for Charlie — he and Jeff got to go waaaaay up high into the sky (76 feet!) in the bucket of the fancy new truck:

"Ahhhh! That's my KID up there!"

We parents attempted a few photos of all the kiddos and firemen in front of the truck:

And back at our house, we ate box after box of Papa John’s pizza and cheesesticks, plus a few salads (thanks Mom!) and a veggie tray. I didn’t hear of anyone going hungry!

And what’s a birthday without cupcakes and ice cream?

Charlie received a lot of birthday love in the form of gifts, all thoughtful and generous and perfect for a four-year-old boy.

We are so grateful for each person who came to celebrate Charlie and make his day special. We loved opening our home to such a fun and lively bunch!

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy.


6 responses to “Birthday details

  1. What a wonderful 4th birthday! A firetruck and everything! Can’t wait to see you all so soon!

  2. Yay for these pictures! Looks like a wonderful time for Cboy.

  3. It was the perfect b-day party!! We had so much fun!! We love little Charlie-boy!!

  4. A fire station. What a perfect idea! I’m putting that in my brain index for later. I love that very last photo of Charlie.

  5. So much fun!! He has so many little friends and lots of family who are near to celebrate with him and love him so much. And can I just say that your little Lillian is so stinkin cute?! Love your kiddos 🙂

  6. What a fun idea for a party! Very cute. Your son is so handsome.

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