Books of 2010

Such a sad, sad comparison . . .

Books read for fun: .5

Books read with friends: 2

Books read for work: 22.75

Here’s hoping for a little more balance (and fun) in 2011! Happy New Year!


4 responses to “Books of 2010

  1. love it. you can’t help it if your job is to read to books 🙂

  2. Ooof – it’s like being in college again. Were any of the 5 “for fun” books worth recommending?

    • Shell: true, true. I often feel like my life is one big finals week! And as for the “for fun” books, that number is actually *point*-five: one-half of one book, given to me last Christmas by my sweet hubby. It’s called While I’m Falling, by Laura Moriarty. I picked up one of her books a few years ago — I was drawn to her because she’s a Kansan. I liked it well enough, so I’ve read another of her books and now this one.
      I look forward to seeing your 2010 list! Perhaps I’ll get some ideas to bring more fun reading into my life. =)

  3. You could look at it this way: You get paid to read books!

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