I take it back

Several people have been asking about our family’s health — thanks so much for checking on us! In my last blog post, I was optimistic that Lillian had just eaten something that didn’t agree with her. Now, I take that back. The days following that post were not nearly as sunny as I had anticipated…

Last Wednesday was the day when Lillian seemed all better. I had even planned a (tentative) playdate for Thursday morning. As we shuffled around and prepared the kids’ breakfast on Thursday, Lillian threw up again. We stayed home.

That night, Jeff said his stomach wasn’t feeling so great. A while later, he said it again, and promptly threw up in the kitchen sink (yeah, I try not to think about it). We went to bed anticipating a long night ahead for Jeff. I had no idea my night would be pretty rotten as well.

Charlie woke up at 2:30 crying for Mommy. I rushed in, asked, “Are you going to be sick?” He said yes, so I scooped him up and headed for the bathroom, just as Jeff was coming out. Charlie did get sick, so we made up a “bed” for him on our bedroom floor and set a big bowl beside him. But he didn’t want to use the bowl, so instead, every 15 or 30 minutes, I’d hear, “Mommy, I need to drow up aden.” All. night. long. Normally Jeff would have tag-teamed with me, but he was in his own state of misery. The night was horribly long — worse than having a newborn!

Friday was one of the harder days of my parenting career so far. Jeff was passed out on the bed for the entire day, Charlie was puking every hour or so and usurping the laptop to watch videos from his position on the couch, and I was exhausted from so little sleep. My dad took Lillian for a couple hours in the morning, until he called and said he felt sick! Lillian’s nap was brief, so by 3:00, I was beyond stir-crazy. For weeks, we had been planning a wonderful triple date with some friends — Jeff and I were going to spend the afternoon in Wichita (I had a doctor’s appointment, then we were going to get some Christmas shopping done) then meet up with our friends. So on top of feeling overwhelmed by the sickies in my care, I was bummed about having to cancel our date.

The day wore on, we eventually got through it, and Saturday was significantly better. Charlie still felt pretty crummy and even got sick once or twice, so he spent most of the day on the couch again. But Jeff was feeling pretty close to normal — even normal enough to help clean out the garage! We can actually park our car in the garage now, can you believe it?!

On Sunday morning we stayed home from church, just in case the kids were still housing little germs. And we still didn’t know if my turn was coming.

So far, I’ve managed to stay healthy, and today everyone else was back to normal. Knock on wood…


5 responses to “I take it back

  1. Oh, I am so sorry!! What an awful time. Hope you all get well soon. So far we have not had it. Hope it stays far away!!

  2. Oh Jess — that’s quite a few days. I too hope it stays away from you, and you guys can enjoy Thanksgiving. This stuff has been going around. I had it two weeks ago, and thankfully, at least so far, it’s stayed away from Marc and Luke. But, our small group was smaller than normal the other night because of the same stuff.

  3. Oh my goodness I hope everyone stays happy and healthy now! Wow! What craziness! Keep that in Kansas and don’t send it over here to Missouri. 🙂

  4. Sounds like sheer misery. Hope all the germs are dead and new ones leave you alone for awhile.

  5. Oy! I am so delayed in reading this. I hope that the sickness is no longer lingering and that you were all healthy for Thanksgiving. Poo!

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