Yesterday, a long time ago.

That’s how Charlie refers to anything that occurred in the past: “Wet-da-day, a wong time ago…” It will be a sad day around here when he develops an accurate sense of time.

I have been thinking for about seven months that I need to post this news, but I just keep forgetting. And I’m still slightly in denial. Either that, or trying to convince myself that it’s no big deal.

I used to play the violin. At one time, I was even decent at it. I always loved the idea of it more than I actually loved playing (or practicing), but still: it was a very large part of my identity in high school. After that, I took it out occasionally to play for fun, and then in Vancouver, I joined a little community orchestra for a short stint. Again, I loved the idea of being part of an orchestra and being “a violinist,” but when it came down to it, I didn’t at all enjoy practicing at home and was often slightly bitter about spending one evening a week at orchestra practice. And yet, I knew I would always have my violin, and I very much looked forward to teaching my kids how to play on the violin I had had since Christmas in fourth grade.

Fast-forward to earlier this year, shortly before we moved into our house: our storage unit was broken into. And my violin, along with some luggage and Jeff’s bike and an old classical guitar, was stolen.

It took me a few months to realize that I was heartbroken.

The thing is, I can’t even remember the last time I actually saw my violin, probably in our apartment storage unit in Chicago. Somewhere in the moving process, I assume it was put into the car or the U-haul. But the most perplexing thing is, I was standing by the moving truck when a group of strong and very helpful guys unloaded our stuff (mostly boxes of books) into our storage unit here. I can’t imagine that I would have been okay with their putting the violin into the unit. Wouldn’t I have insisted that we take it to my parents’ house (where we would live for a while)? To keep it out of the elements? It bothers me that I can’t remember.

Nonetheless, I am violinless. We searched my parents’ house high and low just to be certain, and my dad has checked with local pawn shops to no avail.

The whole situation is quite ironic, really — first of all, the fact that we were in the process of buying a house, planning to unload our storage unit in mere weeks; and second, as Jeff said, we’ve lived in two major cities and multiple homes, and the only place we have anything stolen is small-town Kansas.



3 responses to “Yesterday, a long time ago.

  1. That is horrible! I totally know how you feel about your violin…I can’t imagine if my first guitar or even piano was stolen! And it’s not so much that you were going to play it anytime soon but it’s the fact that now you can’t…ugh! Sorry, friend.

  2. *Sigh* with you. Maybe it will be one of those things that randomly turns up out of nowhere in the corner of some room or box or randomly put in a suitcase that you stored away thinking you would remember to take it out eventually. Frustrating. I hope it turns up.

  3. I never knew you played the violin too! And we can relate to the burglary stuff….lived in big cities, only to be broken in to in Kansas. Ah, the irony. You can borrow my violin any time!

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