Confession updates

I recently posted some newsy bits about the kids, and I thought it’s time to check in on those confessions.

Three weeks ago, I packed away the bottles. And Lillian didn’t even seem to notice. She does struggle to go down for naps some days, but I haven’t ever been tempted to grab a bottle. We have a little routine that we do at every bedtime/naptime, then I just lay her down and leave the room. She almost always cries as I leave – sometimes she’ll stop within a minute or two, sometimes it’s closer to ten minutes. But if it goes beyond that, it’s because she has dirtied her diaper (which I don’t remember ever happening with Charlie, but this girl has mastered the art of filling her diaper five minutes into naptime). So the whole experience of getting rid of pre-nap bottles has been a little rocky, but we’re done! And it feels great! Next up: potty training. Ha!

As for Charlie, not much has changed in his world. There have been a few really exciting mommy-free potty experiences, so there’s hope! If I’m really busy when he says he has to potty, I can ask sweetly if he’ll go into the bathroom, turn on the light, pull down his pants, and get on the potty by himself. And he just might.

And I’ll leave you with a gratuitous photo of the two chickadees:


4 responses to “Confession updates

  1. Dude!!!!! Charlie looks like he’s about 8 in that picture!!!! what the heck?! Cute kiddos though. šŸ™‚ way to go nixing the bottles!

  2. What a handsome little guy! I love that L is wearing his old hoodie. Sharing! Way to go without the bottles.

    • Katie, I love that you recognized the hoodie!! Hilarious. We actually had it out one day for Charlie (it’s a little too small, but too cute to pack away just yet), and Lillian found it. “Ja-ja! Ja-ja!” (Jacket!) She refused to take it off for the rest of the day. =)

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