Crafty? Who, me?

I am not a naturally crafty person. My history of creative projects is riddled with tentative ideas, halfhearted attempts to follow through, and frustration that it never panned out. Occasionally I would produce something to be proud of, but that was never the norm.

And it still isn’t, really. If you provide me with all the supplies for a crafty project, I’ll have a grand ol’ time and probably get absorbed in my handiwork and just love the whole process. But I’m not quick to spend money on supplies or time on production.

But now I’m a homeowner. And I’m finding that ideas for craftiness are easy to come by (sometimes from my own brain, but usually from Young House Love or friends or DIY magazines). I often don’t have the time or resources to even attempt them, but I’ve managed to eek out a few exciting things recently. From the simple act of painting a magazine rack to the much more complex work of pinning, sewing, and hanging curtains, I’ve been having a blast! Here are a few new additions to our home:

Magazine rack — purchased for $1 at a garage sale, wiped down, sanded, painted this lovely blue, and propped up next to the throne in the bathroom:

Art in Lillian’s room — This tin picture was in my room growing up, and I just think it’s so sweet. (But I’m bummed about the smudge. My parents and I tried everything to remove that smudge, but it’s there to stay.) I replaced the old mat with a plain white one, but the longer it hung in Lillian’s room, the more boring I thought it was. So I opted to cover the mat with scrapbook paper. I didn’t think through the whole process very well before I started gluing, which could have been quite the disaster since each side is its own strip of paper, pieced together with the others. But I’m so happy with how it turned out!

Cork boards for my office nook — These are simple square cork boards from Target, covered with fabric using fabric glue. Now I just need little quotes and business cards and reminders and pictures to fill them up!

Curtains! — My mom is teaching me how to sew. I’m a little afraid that I’m too careless and noncreative to master the skill, but we’re having a lot of fun nonetheless. Here are some photos from the kitchen curtains we made a week or two ago. My very first project! (Not counting Home Ec in . . . 8th grade?) I wanted cafe curtains, and we decided on a simple tension rod — perfect to stretch between the cupboards on either side of the window.

This afternoon we made curtains for Charlie’s room, but we haven’t hung the rod yet. Pictures to come!


4 responses to “Crafty? Who, me?

  1. Way to get crafty, Jess!! Your projects are all really sweet and look great! Having a home of your own that you actually care about really does bring out the creative spirit, doesn’t it? It’s a slippery slope once you get started!

  2. I’m so impressed with your recent craft endeavors. I may be the only non-crafty person left pretty soon! šŸ™‚ I love your projects; thanks for sharing them with us. Can’t wait to see Charlie’s curtains.

  3. Way to go Jess! I love the curtains! And everything else. šŸ™‚ You and Grace are inspiring me to get back into sewing!

  4. Look at you! You are just so cute and SO crafty. Thanks for sharing šŸ™‚

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