On where I’ve been (Las Vegas edition)

On Sunday, my dad picked me up in Flagstaff and we headed for Vegas. My brother and his wife-to-be had chosen to get married in Las Vegas on 8/9/10, at 11:00. Their wedding was the reason for my trip, and seeing Cassie in Arizona was a wonderful bonus!

On the drive to Vegas, I tried to work on a proofreading project, but I also dozed a bit, chatted with my dad, and enjoyed marveling with him at the distinct changes in the scenery around us:

Suddenly the cars ahead of us were slowing down. Waaaay down. We finally inched our way up to a security checkpoint, and thought we would soon be cruising right along. That was not the case, however, and we finally came upon the cause of the holdup: the Hoover Dam! Neither of us knew beforehand, or even thought to consider, that we’d be crossing it, so we were pleasantly surprised by the tourist experience en route to Vegas. The Dam is quite impressive!

We made it to our destination, finally, after much stress-inducing traffic and a long search for a parking spot.

Heading south on Las Vegas Boulevard:

Our hotel:

We met the families in a restaurant in the hotel: Josh and Nikki and their girls, my mom, my aunt and uncle, and Nikki’s parents and grandparents. After dinner, we set out for the adventures awaiting us at Circus Circus. My aunt and I teamed up for an evening of exploring: the hotel’s mammoth amusement park, the slot machines, a few blocks of the strip, and a couple little shops.

The next morning was the wedding:

And . . . married!

After the ceremony and photos, the wedding party left, and I piled into the van with my parents and aunt and uncle for a delicious cultural experience:

And from there, we drove to the airport to catch my flight home. Here’s one more view of the strip before turning toward the airport:

So there it is: the recap of my twenty-or-so hours spent in Vegas. The whole weekend was fast-paced (and followed by horrible, nausea-inducing, turbulent flights), but I’m so thankful that I was able to go!

Congratulations, Josh and Nikki!


3 responses to “On where I’ve been (Las Vegas edition)

  1. I’m slightly jealous that you got to go to In N Out Burger…That is one of our (Marc and mine) favorites places to eat EVER!

  2. What fun! Congrats to your bro and new sister!

  3. Wow! What a summer of travel you’ve had! Looks like great fun with Cassie and then some good family time. Glad you were able to do it all!

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