On where I’ve been (Boonville edition)

Y’all. The past month has been one. wild. crazy. ride. And now Jeff says I can’t go anywhere else for a good long time. But that’s okay — I’ve had my fun, and now I’m unashamedly thrilled about staying home.

I’ll dedicate this post to Boonville, Missouri — or, rather, to the girls with whom I reunited there.

After months of back-and-forth deliberations, and then oh-my-gosh-this-is-really-going-to-happen, it actually did happen: a reunion with four of my closest girls from way back in our Vancouver days. Katie, Katie, Grace, Shannon, and I, plus babies Owen and Evelyn, gathered at the lovely historic home of Shannon and Lucas for four-ish days of talking, eating, crying, laughing, eating, catching up, talking, reminiscing, dreaming, eating, and, well, eating. Our time together was lovely and comfortable and refreshing, and I just felt so doggone at home. These friends are truly amazing, each in her own beautiful and unique ways, and at the risk of sounding totally cliche, they challenge me to be my best self — to love more deeply, to laugh more heartily, to be a good mom, and to care about people. And to forget about my selfish self every once in a while. I love these girls, and I’m thankful that our friendship has gone beyond Vancouver’s city limits!

Other girls have posted detailed accounts of the reunion (see Shannon’s blog [all five installments!] and Katie’s blog), so feel free to read all about the good times. I’ll keep mine simple with a few favorite photos.

With Grace, Katie, and Evelyn at the airport:

The lovely abode (the “property,” if you will):

The beautiful babes:

The fun times:

63 Diner, a restaurant I frequented as a kid when my grandma lived near Columbia. It hasn't changed a bit!

The very serious Wii competition

A walk around Boonville

Campus tour while visiting Lucas at work

Lunch at Abuelo's in KC before returning to the airport.

And let’s not forget the photo shoot in our matchy-matchy reunion tees!

Reuniting with the fam (we decided to just take Katie and Baby E home with us):

So girls, we’re gathering again in two weeks, right?! Miss you!


4 responses to “On where I’ve been (Boonville edition)

  1. Yay for another Boonville post! And I figured with was going to be an every other month kind of thing so I’ll see you in September! We can celebrate our birthdays! 🙂

  2. I have a guest rooooooom! Etson is calling!

  3. Shell, I would SO love to visit Eston! Count me in!!!

  4. Eston?! Cool, I’ll be there!!!! Miss you girls 😦

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