Spaghetti night, Lillian-style

At first she wasn’t interested. But then . . .

THEN she couldn’t shovel it in fast enough:

So we walked straight to the bath . . .

. . . wherein we found only cold water. (“Jeff! The pilot light went out again!!”)

So while daddy (with Charlie’s help, of course) sorted things out, Lillian played in an empty bathtub:

And then we readied an old-school bath party — kitchen sink + cold tap water + boiling water from the stovetop kettle + rubber duckies + one very messy, very chubby baby:

For all intents and purposes, the girl got clean. But even as I gave her her bedtime bottle, I caught not-so-subtle whiffs of spaghetti sauce.

Lillian’s spaghetti attempt number one: success!


3 responses to “Spaghetti night, Lillian-style

  1. oh. my. goodness. I love it!

  2. best blog post ever!!

  3. Just look at those curls! Never mind the spaghetti sauce.

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