Update on the girlie

Truly, it seems like yesterday we were marveling at Lillian’s newfound coordination in reaching out her hands to grab things. And now so many more marvelous milestones have been conquered (rather, bulldozed). 

I turned my head for one minute, and looked back to find that Lillian is now:

-sitting unassisted
-getting to a sitting position from a lying position
-pulling herself up to kneeling and standing (yes, standing!)
-smiling for the camera
-sticking out her tongue (always)
-drinking from a sippy cup, even tipping it up by herself
-drinking from a straw
-eating Cheerios, puffs, and those cardboard rice rusks
-riding in a big-girl carseat

I think it’s safe to say she’ll be an early walker. Lord, help us — Mommy’s not ready yet!


2 responses to “Update on the girlie

  1. My goodness that’s a lot of accomplishments! It seems like she must be only about a month old still, right? Where has the time gone? She’s so adorable!!

  2. And add to the list that she still has the most beautiful eyes ever. 🙂

    Way to go Lillian on all your accomplishments!

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