Brown noser

I’ve finally gotten around to looking through photos from December. I found two pictures that, at first glance, soared to the top of my list of absolute favorites of Lillian. So much personality!

Upon further inspection, however, I had to laugh out loud. Do you see the booger in the first? And the dried, crusty baby food in the second?

Ah well. Booger or not, I’ll keep her.


7 responses to “Brown noser

  1. seriously, she’s so cute. even with gunk on her nose. I think i have some Naomi pictures with similar touches. 🙂

  2. There. I photoshopped in a pristine nostril (and took some redness out of the eyes while I was in there) 😀

  3. Greg! Wow! Thanks. Now it totally tops my list of favorites. I really need to get my hands on photoshop!

  4. Use that one instead, the color got washed out in the other one.

    Yes, Photoshop is great isn’t it?

  5. Cleaned up the nose a bit while I had the ‘shop open 😀

  6. I guess parents can’t resist getting the boogers out of kids’ noses even if they have to do it electronically.

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