To sleep? Perchance to dream? Please?

Neither of my children have been good sleepers as babies. It just really isn’t fair. Lillian is better than Charlie was as far as naps are concerned, but — yaaawwwnnn — still not sleeping through the night. We’re almost there. But almost is still pretty exhausting.

Here’s the thing: Everything is a potential setback in the sleep department.

Is your child:
teething? Expect bad sleep.
ill? or sniffly? Bad sleep.
learning to crawl? stand? walk? Bad sleep.
sensitive to loud noises? Bad sleep.
adjusting to a big family transition? Bad sleep.
picky about room temperature? Bad sleep.
just plain ol’ crabby? or dependent on those mid-night cuddle sessions? Bad, bad sleep.

I just keep telling myself that someday, a long time from now, I’ll be pounding on my kids’ bedroom doors, begging them to get out of bed.

Tempting. But for now, I’ll continue groggily tending to my little snugglebug at 5:00 in the morning. And reminding myself to slow down and soak it up.


2 responses to “To sleep? Perchance to dream? Please?

  1. I’m sorry. It’s true that almost is definitely not the same. It really amazed me how long it took me to recover too once Jared did start sleeping through the night. Lucky for me he’s a champion sleeper now! I’m hoping the same for you soon.

  2. I feel you! 9 months and nothin’ doin’.

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