Talking boy

Charlie is a full-fledged talker now. A conversationalist. A high-energy motormouth spewing consonants and vowels.

Jeff and I love to catch each other’s eye across the room and snicker while we listen to him ramble on. He “reads” his books out loud when he thinks no one is paying attention; he sings little songs about the toy in his hand; he repeats over and over little bits of his Blues Clues videos; and he provides non-stop commentary on the events of every moment of every day.

I’ve been trying to capture snippets of this on video for a while now, but these chatty moments are unpredictable. Plus, Cboy enters shy-and-quiet mode whenever I turn on the camera. But here’s a tiny taste. This particular singing of Old MacDonald happened several weeks ago now, and Charlie has honed his skills (and pitch!) significantly even since then.


One response to “Talking boy

  1. Oh, I love the Charlie-boy videos! Can’t wait to share them with Adrianna tomorrow.

    Was that Donald Duck bank something you had as a child? I seem to recall our family having a Mickey Mouse bank of similar style/make and size growing up. 🙂

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