Things that are making me laugh

1. Yesterday Lillian was in her crib for about 20 minutes, for what I thought would be a nap. Instead she was cooing and sighing and grunting happily. When I walked into her room, I found her rolled over onto her back, happy as a clam and so very proud of herself.

2. On Wednesday I took Charlie’s diaper off and learned that his very full, very small diaper was a Size 2 — he had needed a change when he and my dad were out of town, and the only diaper my dad could find in his car was one of Lillian’s!

3. Charlie long ago learned how to turn the music on on my radio alarm clock. This morning while I was feeding Lillian in her room, Charlie woke up and went into our bedroom. Suddenly I heard the music turn on, and Jeff began belting out “I got friends in low places.” I think he may have finally caught up on sleep last night.


2 responses to “Things that are making me laugh

  1. wonderful joy 🙂

  2. The joys of parenthood……….they outweigh all those sleepless nights, don’t they?

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