Feelin’ all right

Okay, so. Yes, I’ve been in denial about my birthday. And yes, it happened anyway.

Welcome to your late 20s, self!

And you know what? The day itself has been a real treat. Full of treats, in fact. Treats of the food sort. I have eaten and eaten and eaten in celebration of this birthday that I didn’t even really want to happen.

Last night was cake and ice cream with Jeff’s parents, Jeff’s grandparents, my parents, and our little family of four. Have I mentioned that I love living near family?

This morning started off with breakfast in bed, thanks to my lovely husband who has graciously taken on this tradition that I grew up with and loved so much. Jeff made me french toast, with a second course of Reese’s Puffs cereal. I describe this cereal as “heaven in a bowl.” Ooooh, it’s good. In college I would eat it sometimes for breakfast, actually convincing myself that it would serve just fine as breakfast — you know, the most important meal of the day. Then after Jeff and I got married, he couldn’t understand why I would start my day with junk food. He made fun of me a few too many times, and I stopped buying them.

Today I was all too happy to see them again.

Jeff also brought a few indulgences to be consumed “guilt free” on my birthday: peanut M&Ms and itty bitty cans of Pepsi.

It was fun to start my day with the four of us piled onto our bed. Here we all are, disheveled and jammie-clad.


(My kids crack me up. Lillian really needs to learn how to smile for the camera; Charlie really needs to learn how to tone it down.)

For lunch, my mom came home from work, and my dad set out a surprise cake. So more yummy cake was had by all.

IMG_0610 IMG_0611

For supper, my parents wanted to take me out to eat. Our choices were confined to city limits since I had to be back in time to call Bingo (!!) at the nursing home tonight. So I chose Applebee’s. We stuffed ourselves, and then the waitress brought me a little cheesecake dessert for my bday. She apparently noticed my oversized blue birthday ribbon (thanks, Cassie!). More sugar in the system.

After work tonight, my mom asked if she could take me out to Sonic. Can’t ever turn down Sonic! Especially girls’ night out! So out we went in search of more yummy goodness. I’m still working on my strawberry cream slush.

So all in all, a delicious birthday. Perhaps a little too delicious: tonight at work, a fellow employee asked if I’m expecting.

That was not the highlight of my day. But I’m not going to care about it tonight. Because it’s still my birthday. I’ll care tomorrow, when I begin starving myself.


8 responses to “Feelin’ all right

  1. Reese’s Puffs – Yum! Definitely one of my favorite cereals as well.

    Glad you had a great birthday, in spite of being in your “late 20’s” now.

  2. I love the picture of you all in bed! Yes, those kiddos crack me up too! Happy birthday, dear Jess! We love you!

  3. What a yummy day! Congratulations! The two differences in the kids are so funny!

  4. That’s a great family photo! I love it. Hope you had a great day- sounds like it was yummy for sure.

  5. A yummy birthday indeed! And birthdays are meant to be guilt free! Thata girl 🙂

  6. Happy late birthday and I agree full-heartedly with you about the yummy goodness of Reeses Puffs!

  7. Happy birthday, sweet Jess! (The whole week should be guilt-free, IMO.) That Charlie … what a goof. Love it.

  8. It’s perfectly okay for you to eat Reeses Puffs for breakfast. I used to eat PB Cap’n Crunch every day in college. Yay for fun birthdays and living closer to family!

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