Mr. Sun

We have quite a history with Mr. Sun, a beautiful story of lost and found.

Most of the baby toys we own have been gifts or bargains, two things I love and welcome. But this particular toy, Mr. Sun, was a purchase I made at Shoppers Drug Mart in Vancouver in a desperate attempt to DO something with Charlie. He was two months old, and I was bored with our lack of interaction. But he could have cared less. Finally around three months of age, he began lighting up at the sight of Mr. Sun, and we deemed it his favorite toy. It would magically quiet him in the car; therefore, we couldn’t live without it.

One week after moving to Chicago, we left Mr. Sun by accident in a church nursery. Oh, the devastation! I searched and searched for a replacement — Babies ‘R Us, Target, Wal-Mart, Buy Buy Baby — but to no avail.

And then, after Charlie was far too old to care much about Mr. Sun, I spotted one. At Nordstrom Rack. And so Mr. Sun became part of our family once again. Or at least part of our baby-toy storage bin, waiting for #2 to come along.

Enter: Lillian. At three months old, she has just learned that toys can be such great fun! She wraps her little fingers around them, shakes them in delight (not in a coordinated fashion, of course), and especially loves when we dance them about in front of her face with big goofy grins on our own. And so far, Mr. Sun seems to be the favorite. Lillian even likes it when I sing my lovely song: “Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun, comin’ to get my Lilli-un.” She’s so gracious.



3 responses to “Mr. Sun

  1. Sweetness itself, wrapped in a little Lillian bundle.

  2. Oh, how unbelievable it is that I get to see sweet little Lillian and silly Charlie boy TONIGHT! And I still watch the videos over and over!

  3. How sweet! If you ever bring Mr. Sun to our nursery and leave him by mistake, feel free to search for him. Sounds like maybe we should order one for our babies to enjoy!

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