My brain is so frazzled and fatigued these days that it’s tough to crank out anything newsy or witty or worth reading. So I’m stealing these prompts from Shannon in an effort to kick-start my thoughts.

Outside my window… is a mini-garden! Jeff has planted tomatoes, red peppers, basil, oregano, and parsley. All is growing beautifully.

I am thinking… about popping that little pimple on Lillian’s right cheek.

I am thankful for… the yummy meals and lovely gifts we’ve received since Lillian was born.

From the kitchen… comes the obnoxious rhythmic swooshing sound of our very loud dishwasher.

I am wearing… gray capri sweatpants and a red T-shirt from my high school days. Both reek of spit-up.

I am creating… hmm…does procreating count?

I am going… to Kansas. Soon and very soon.

I am reading… embarrassingly little. Blogs. Mail. Facebook statuses. And a lot of Dr. Seuss and nursery rhymes.

I am hoping… that Miss L will learn to sleep well; that Cboy will stop throwing toys off the balcony; that plans will fall into place; and that Jiggly Belly will go away.

I am hearing… said dishwasher, and the thump-thump-thump overhead as Jeff and Charlie throw balls onto the roof of our apartment building.

Around the house… everything has its place, but nothing is in its place.

One of my favorite things… Sleep, O Sleep, wherefore art thou, Sleep?

A few plans for the rest of the week…grillin’ burgers with friends for the 4th. Going to church. And hopefully showering.


One response to “Prompts

  1. We are hoping to come out to Kansas later this month when you guys are going to be there. I am anxious to meet Lillian. 🙂

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