Still here!

Wow, life is FULL! Full of activity, full of emotions, full of people. And, of course, full of fatigue.

We’ve had guests in our home for nearly four weeks. They have all been hugely helpful, and today I’m questioning how the heck I’ll manage without them. We still have meals coming to us for the next week and a half (we’re so spoiled!) from church friends and MOPS moms, so that should ease this transition to being on my own with the kiddos.

During my pregnancy, I became reallyreallyreally addicted to sweets. I’ve always had a sweet tooth and preferred dessert to the main course, but those pregnancy cravings were a little out of control. I was hopeful that they would leave my body along with the baby, but that didn’t happen. I want to be eating sugar at all times. Truly. It’s a bit disturbing.

Quick updates on the kids:
Charlie is the coolest big brother ever. He loves to kiss his little sister, tell me when she’s crying, and sit next to me reading books while I’m feeding her. He’s shown a few moments of jealousy, and he likes to push his boundaries a little more often, but for the most part, he’s our same ol’ sweet boy. He’s talking nonstop and getting pretty good at forming full sentences. My favorite word of his right now is “ha-MEE-no” (flamingo). Cracks me up!

Little Lillian is growing up before our eyes. She doesn’t seem quite so itty bitty anymore. She loves being snuggled up close with her mama, which is both wonderful and aggravating. Her bright blue eyes are open more often now. She loves bathtime, or at least tolerates it, and oh how I love the soft sweet smell of her skin afterward. She has a real talent for dirtying her diaper right after I’ve put on a clean one and pulled up her pants. People frequently comment on her long, skinny toes and feet.

And now she’s wailing. Feeding time.


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