All right, Katie, here’s for comparison’s sake.

Close to nine months pregnant with Cboy (“Carl”):


Getting closer:


The day I went into labor:

We're having a baby!


5 responses to “Comparison

  1. It’s amazing that God made our bodies to stretch like that and then go back to normal. 🙂 One of the many miracles of giving birth!

  2. Hmm … interesting! I think the current belly is lower, more pointy, and definitely sporting a more feminine appearance overall. Is your nose getting swollen? Everyone asked me that as we approached the due date … supposedly puffy noses are a side effect to housing baby girls. Hmm.

  3. you’re definitely carrying lower this time!
    It’s fun to see our old houses in the back ground! sniff sniff…

  4. Yay! Yeah lower and maybe the ‘ball’ is a wee bit smaller even (still big and wonderful though!) what do you think and feel the differences are?

  5. I think you’re all right! This baby definitely looks and feels lower, and tighter. My belly is SO tight, and her wee body parts are distinct and compact as she moves around.
    Shell, I’ve never heard about the nose thing. But just the other day I looked at a recent picture of myself and thought, “When did my nose get so big?!” That’s hilarious!
    Grace, I agree — I saw your old kitchen and was taken back to the good ol’ days.
    Thanks for participating in the comparison game! You all are great.

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