A big boy and a belly

Just a quick couple of pics for today.

For better or worse, Charlie has become my little kitchen helper. He LOVES dumping ingredients into the bowl, stirring anything that is stirrable, wiping down the counter, you name it. Whenever I’m standing at the counter or the sink, I’ll hear, “Tahtee huh Mommy!” (translation: Charlie help Mommy!), and within seconds, he’s pushing a chair over to the counter and climbing up. It’s irresistible, really.

Here he is snapping asparagus. I get the impression that he could do this all day, if only I would provide enough asparagus.


And here you see him meticulously placing the asparagus end in the “icky” pile. His brain is so methodical, it cracks me up. I got in trouble for trying to rescue a large stalk from the “icky” pile.


And now for a couple of belly shots. Nothing fancy or flattering, just proof that I’m huge. I’ve realized in the past few days that it’s incredibly difficult now to see my feet when I’m walking down stairs. This could be dangerous.



39 weeks. Yee-haw!


7 responses to “A big boy and a belly

  1. Oh Junebug!! Come out, come out! Jess, I gotta say, you wear a big belly very well. 🙂

  2. Charlie snapping asparagus is adorable. Way to put that boy to work!

  3. Seriously Jess you are so beautiful pregnant (and all the other times for that matter)! Everything just goes straight to that awesome belly of yours! I agree with Shelley…come out, come out little Junebug!

  4. Charlie is just so cute, what a clever kid he is!

    So I think we need to do a side by side comparison of your 9 month prego belly with Charlie and now with Junebug. I would be really keen to see the difference. What fun!

  5. I just can’t wait to see little “Junebug” on the outside. You look SO READY!!!

    That asparagus looks beautiful. Did you get it at that neat little Mom and Pop market down the street? Does Charlie eat it?

    We’re waiting for the call……..!!!!

  6. Marilyn: Yes, Jeff picked up the asparagus at Nature’s Best. And yes, Charlie loves it!

  7. 2 things impress me….#1-how lovely you are pregnant (and i’m not just saying that because i love YOU, but because you look absolutely radiant imprego!) #B-that charlieboy eats asparagus!!! i don’t think i even touched the stuff until I was into my 20s!

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