Baby shower in a box!

Wow. Sometimes on the most difficult days, we receive the biggest blessings. Today I am sick, incredibly exhausted, overly emotional, and a tad short on patience. So what do you know? In walks my mail carrier with a big box from “Grace and the girls.”

I tore into the box greedily, having no idea what to expect. I found the most amazing surprise: small, individually wrapped gifts from all over the world! Covered in confetti! And oh my goodness, the PINK! Right away Charlie discovered the items that were intended for him, the big-brother-to-be — a new ball! bubbles! He was thrilled, and insisted that I open the bubbles immediately.

Rather than open all the gifts with a “helpful” toddler, I decided to wait until his naptime. Perfect. As soon as I closed his bedroom door, I grabbed the box and headed for the couch for my own private baby shower. Junebug and I had such fun! Every little detail — every card in familiar handwriting, every onesie, every itty-bitty girlie accessory, every bow and gift bag — was just perfect. So thoughtful and loving. And logistically impressive! Grace, as if you didn’t have enough to think about already!

So for all you lovely Vancouver ladies who contributed to today’s shower, thank you thank you thank you. I am truly grateful.

And since we couldn’t all sit around my living room and “ooh” and “aah” together, I’ll give you a run-down of the precious little gifts.




(There’s Junebug admiring all her beautiful presents.)

From Michele (Michigan): BabyLegs! I’m so excited about these! They’re little leg warmers that “make diaper changes a breeze; protect soft knees from harsh surfaces; and keep legs warm year round.” So fun.

From Grace (Idaho): Little pink/brown/white outfit (I wouldn’t expect any other color scheme from Grace — I love it!): adorable floofy skirt, white onesie top with ruffled little sleeves, and a matching ruffly hat.

From Shelley (British Columbia!): A whole bundle of goodies. Plaid pink sundress outfit, pale pink sleeper and onesie, precious little pink mary janes, and (I’m so lucky!) two of Shelley’s handmade bibs.

From Shannon (New Jersey): Two little onesies (Grandpa’s Little cupcake, I Love Mommy), a stylin’ outfit consisting of a pale blue butterfly shirt and glittery khaki cords, a Target gift card (you know me well!), and a lovely handmade mini decorated storage case for baby photos.

From Ansley (Florida): A teensy outfit in a sweet green and pink color scheme — green and white polka-dot pants with large pink buttons on the pockets, and a onesie top, “Sweet as can [picture of a bee].”

From Paisley (North Carolina): Purple accessories — little ruffly sandals with pink and blue ladybugs on them, and a stretchy headband (LOVE these!) with a simple large butterfly.

From Elizabeth (Vancouver): Brown and pink Carter’s outfit — little footie brown pants, pink short-sleeved shirt with brown trim, and a pink long-sleeved shirt covered in little hearts.

From Katie (Scotland!): A whole bundle of red and green — white shirt with a strawberry and the word “Yummy,” super stylish red-and-white polka-dot shirt, green flowy shirt, red-and-white polka-dot hat with a green stem on top (omg!), a 3-pack of red and white socks, and a pair of red and white cotton shoes with a teeny little polka-dot bow on the toes. Plus a separately wrapped gift for Charlieboy, which he hasn’t opened yet.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the “What’s Wrong With Baby?” decision-making dice. I have high hopes for these things. Surely they will answer our every question about baby’s needs. Hilarious!

After receiving three adorable pairs of shoes today, I had to take a picture of all the shoes Junebug has for the first few months of her life. She is one lucky girl! I adore all of these — they totally make my heart melt!


So thank you, again, girls. I miss you all like crazy!


8 responses to “Baby shower in a box!

  1. Yay! I’m so glad it came at the perfect time! And you should always know how loved you are. 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. I’m so glad it got to you today, of all days! We couldn’t have planned that! God is good.

    We all had so much fun getting it together. Katie started the thinking and coordinating and I took charge of the State Side Operations. 🙂

    We love you so much!

  3. We love you!! Reading that you’ve received the box of goodies and enjoyed such a delightful “shower” with little Junebug makes me so happy! Miss you!!

  4. You have got THE MOST WONDERFUL FRIENDS ANYWHERE!!!!!! I sat here and bawled as I read the blog and each description of each little package!!!! It brought back fond memories of the night little Charlieboy was born and Gramps and I hangin’ with the crowd. You are both truly blessed to have such compassionate friends and they are scattered all over the place. Thank you friends for making Jess’ day!!!!!

  5. Marilyn Reiemr

    Oh, my, this Grammy is overwhelmed with emotion too. What a wonderful surprise! No wonder you loved Vancouver so much.

    And I love the way Junebug is admiring all the pretties.

    May God bless you everyone!

  6. I am overwhelmingly happy for you!! I was so anxious and excited for this box to get to you cause I knew you would be so surprised. I love you so much and miss you like crazy. Now you’re truly ready for Junebug (well to dress her all cute anyway!!).

    Love you friend.

  7. My favorite shoes are the ones with the maple leaves since I married a canuck : )

    What a fun box shower!

  8. Jess, Jeff, and Charlie! We are so excited for you and are glad we could send a little something welcome your new wee-one. She will be so stylish! Thank you for sharing on your blog and for the pictures. It means a lot! With lots of love-the Sartors

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