Brag fest

Here are a couple of videos for no other reason than to brag about my little boy. His brain is so active these days, and he’s always surprising us with the words he remembers and his capacity to understand instructions.

Here’s Charlie demonstrating his counting skills. He has mastered 1-2-3; we’re working on 4 and 5.

And this is Charlie counting some more, plus showing off his ABC knowledge. He recognizes every letter now, mostly capitals, though not in order and not to a song. But that will come. He has recently started pointing out letters on storefronts, business vehicles, carts, you name it. Jeff and I, as you can imagine, are both thrilled about Charlie’s love for letters, words, books, etc. He can’t possibly escape it — it’s in his blood!


7 responses to “Brag fest

  1. He is just getting so big and smart! He’s going to be a great older brother because he can teach his little sister so many things (hopefully just good things and not things that will get them in trouble with mommy). 🙂 It’s surreal to hear Charlie talking like that!

  2. two twee two twee twee twee weee! Hooray for Charlie! What a smart fellar he is! I just love his little voice … so precious!

  3. Marilyn Reimer

    Wow! He has come a long way!

  4. Yea for Charlie! Knowing his letters out of order is FANTASTIC! Teachers now purposefully teach letters that way. 🙂

  5. He’s such a little genius.

  6. seriously, i’m impressed. I have SEVERAL students who can’t do this….6th and 7th graders

  7. are you kidding?! there is no way a two year old is supposed to know this stuff already?? Ah-mazing!!

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