His innocent wheels are turnin’

Two little Charlie stories:

Last week I was preparing to take a shower during the day while Charlie was awake (I LOVE this freedom!). There’s a science to this, and the key is the transparent shower liner. We have a dark brown shower curtain that I prop out of the way, making it possible to see Charlie through the liner while I’m showering. Before I get in, I gather up a few toys and put them in the hallway just outside the bathroom door, and Charlie can usually entertain himself there for the necessary time. So about last week: I propped aside the curtain, took off my clothes, and realized I hadn’t gathered up any toys yet. So I headed into the living room to grab Charlie’s basket of Legos. H watched me intently all the while, probably wondering why the heck mommy was naked. Suddenly Charlie’s eyes opened wide and he exclaimed, “Mommy . . . bum!”

Also last week, Charlie and I were in my room, probably putting away laundry. Charlie loves to open and close the drawers on our dresser, which he began doing on this particular day. He opened my bottom drawer and started pawing through t-shirts, tank tops, and undies. He became very curious upon seeing my bras. He suddenly held one up in the air, saying, “Two!”


3 responses to “His innocent wheels are turnin’

  1. I just laughed uproariously.

  2. hilarious! smart little guys you have on your hands. haha!

  3. double barrel sling shot is the correct term…please teach him to say that?

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