The Bump

I’ve had a few requests for belly photos, so here they are!

21 weeks

21 weeks

23 weeks

23 weeks

Little Junebug (yes, we’ve changed the in-utero name) is growing! I received an encouraging report from my midwife at my appointment last week: she said that based on the ultrasound, she sees nothing to be concerned about. The two things that alarmed the ultrasound doctor are apparently common, and do not pose a threat to baby’s health. I will, however, continue with the plan for monthly ultrasounds just to be sure.


4 responses to “The Bump

  1. Yay for little Junebug! You are still one cute preggers…even the second time around. 🙂

  2. Jess you look beautiful!!!! Yay!

  3. You do look good! Hope you’re feeling good too!

  4. I am SO behind on my blog reading!! Yay for belly shots. You are one hot mama!

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