Meal ideas

Like many of you, I often get tired of the same old recipes and the same old meals. And all too frequently, a beloved dish becomes not-so-beloved after I’ve prepared it for the thousandth time. So I have an idea.

My idea involves you. And about 60 seconds of your time. Without looking up recipes, tell me and my readers in a comment what you’ve cooked/prepared/eaten for dinner in the past week or two. Just three dishes. They can be extravagant or they can include Kraft dinner. Wherever your meals tend to fall on the spectrum, just give us the general idea of the meal. I’m hoping this will give us all a little boost in getting those creative culinary juices flowing.

I’ll start. Three recent Reimer meals include:

-Spaghetti with homemade sauce and meatballs, which was surprisingly simple

-Tilapia, breaded then baked, and rice pilaf

-Quesadillas. These yummies frequent our table. We love all varieties, from plain cheese to piles of cheese, chicken, and veggies. And always cut up into wedges and dunked in salsa and sour cream. Mmmmm.

So let me hear yours! You just might be an inspiration for my next grocery list.


8 responses to “Meal ideas

  1. Grilled Italian chicken and buttery noodles with a hint of garlic.

    Chicken tortilla soup in the crockpot.

    Poppyseed chicken casserole.

    Beef en chi la das. Oh these were soooo delish.

    I guess I’m mostly about chicken, huh? I have recipes for this stuff if you want them. The poppyseed chicken is pretty easy and very yummy.

    You can also get ideas from the Soup/Crockpot Recipe Exchange group on facebook.

  2. Saturday: Cashew Chicken (Rachel Ray’s recipe)
    Sunday: Pizza (Pappa John’s recipe)
    Monday: Sprite and Bread and a yucky stomach virus!

  3. Monday: Left over chili on baked potatoes
    Thursday: Rice pilaf with some chicken in it
    Friday: Invited our selves over to Josh’s parents.

    I recently discovered the best twist on quesadillas. I put a little shredded cheese on the outside near the end so it was crispy fried cheesy goodness. So good. I call them “sloppy quesadillas”

  4. One of our favorites is the taco kit in a box with both hard and soft shells. Yum!

    Another favorite that I make is enchiladas, either beef or chicken. Easy and quick to make, which is a huge plus for me.

    Lastly, another favorite is chili topped with Fritos. Perfect for the cold winter! It can be made in the crock pot or on the stove top.

  5. Tonight: Baked potato soup and fresh bread
    Last night: Grilled Aldi steaks, baked potatoes (made extra for the baked potato soup), steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onions)
    Night before: Gatorade–Dave; Hot dog–me
    Night before: Gatorade–Dave; Hot dog–me
    Night before: Gatorade–Dave; Hot dog–me
    You get the picture….
    Night before: Restaurant–oh oh!

  6. Good idea, Jess! I am constantly in a meal-rut. Thankfully we’re eating much better while we’re living with my parents this month! 🙂
    Last week we had ::
    :: stir-fry over brown rice
    :: meatloaf, mashed potatoes and coleslaw
    :: chicken souvlaki kabobs (with peppers & onion), greek flavored rice and pita with tzatziki
    :: frozen pizza (we were left to fend for ourselves one night)

  7. We discovered a yummy and easy new recipe from some friends– Stuffed Squash! Oh so delish!

    –Derek found an amazing recipe just last week / It was Zucchini pasta. Where strips of zucchini were in place of the pasta and he made an AMAZING homemade sauce and also homemade bread sticks. He will be making this again!! You should totally ask him to email the recipe, YUM!

    –and keeping it simple with some stuffed pasta (ravioli, tortellini) and some yummy organic (in a jar) pasta sauce.

    These are all actually vegetarian meals (depending on what the pasta is stuffed with, I suppose). The Brows…vegetarians?? Who knew?!

  8. We are actually the ‘browNs’…oops.

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