Cereal selection

Every morning, I go through the same routine with Charlie as he chooses his breakfast cereal. Well first, he climbs up into his high chair (all by himself!). Then I connect his tray to his chair, give him some orange juice, and slap on his bib. Charlie announces the color of said bib.

Then it’s time to choose the cereal. I show him an option; say, Cheerios. And he responds with an altogether different preference. Thank goodness, he has usually made up his mind by option #2, and we don’t deal with a never-ending saga of toddler indecision. I’m pretty sure I’d put a stop to that. Anyway. Charlie does voice his opinion, and I can usually honor it. And he is pleased.

So with our current cereal selection, these are the descriptions Charlie might use for his cereal du juor.

“Bee” — Honey Nut Cheerios with, of course, the bee on the box
“Wewwow” — Cinnamon Life Cereal, with the yellow box
“Boo I” — Regular Life Cereal, with a blue box top and the letter “I” on the front
“Puwpuw” — Raisin Nut Bran, the kind mommy eats, with the purple on the box
“Nana” — Frosted Mini Wheats, which he associates with Nana for some reason!

And then he quickly downs two bowls at minimum.


3 responses to “Cereal selection

  1. That is the cutest thing in the world. 2 bowls?! Thata boy! Taking after Auntie Katie I see šŸ™‚

  2. To clarify – Charlie calls Frosted Mini Wheats Nana because I was eating them the day you left and he wanted to taste them, and then taste them again, and again, and … you get the picture. I finally said, why don’t we trade. So he finished off the Mini Wheats and I ate his Cheerios. Then, the next morning Gramps fed him Mini Wheats and told him it was Nana’s cereal.

    And the light bulb goes on!!!!! I’m just thrilled he remembers!!!!!

  3. What is it about Frosted Mini-Wheats? We have them at our house A LOT. Is it because we are grandparents? Funny story!

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