Video Influx

Charlie has always loved playing Pat-a-Cake, but it’s SO much more fun now that he doesn’t need my physical assistance. All I have to do is say the words, and he steals the show. He’s one goofy kid. The other voice in this one is my mom’s: “Nana.”

After about a million reads of Dr. Seuss’s ABC, Charlie began predicting the king’s sneeze on the “K” page: “Kick a kettle. / Kite / and a / king’s kerchoo.” Soon this fake sneeze was commonplace in our home, and especially in the car. Charlie loves to do it for no reason at all. I’ve captured it twice on video, and I just couldn’t choose between the two. So here are both.

Also in the second video here, Charlie is remembering a funny noise my dad was making in the car on our drive back from Kansas. Gramps (“Dabm”) kept cracking Charlie up by blowing out through his pursed lips, making a “pbpbp” sound. I’ve never heard Charlie laugh so hard! And he remembers it clearly, telling the story with three words: Dabm, Car, and Pbpbp. So you’ll catch a glimpse of Charlie’s killer storytelling skills. And bonus: Charlie is saying his own name now (I LOVE it!) — “Ta-tee” — which you can faintly hear at the end.


5 responses to “Video Influx

  1. I love when you post Charlie videos!! Ta-tee. Adorable!!

  2. I like Jeff’s belch in the background.

  3. I love it, I love it, I love it!!!! So when are you coming for another visit????????? haha

    Love ya

  4. Me too!


  5. Happy birthday, Charlie Boy!


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