There lies my melted heart

Tonight Jeff is out on a hunt for my Christmas gift, so Charlie and I did the bedtime routine thing by ourselves. Charlie, as I think I’ve mentioned before, is Mr. Routine when it comes to bedtime. He knows it all, step by step. The last thing we do is brush teeth. Charlie stands up on his footstool, we brush his teeth while he tries (usually successfully) to grab the brush from our hands, then he rinses off the brush and returns it to the holder. We help him off the stool and say, “Go give Daddy [or Mommy] a night-night kiss!” Adorable pucker-face toddler kisses ensue, then Charlie runs excitedly into the arms of whichever parent is putting him to bed.

Tonight Charlie was a little confused at Daddy’s being gone. After his teeth-brushing, he bounded toward the living room, looked around, and said, “Dada?” I told him, “Dada’s not here tonight.” He made his “sad” sound, which is impossible to replicate in words, but it’s something like “Ohhaahhhhhh.” But then he smiled up at me, ran eagerly toward the front door, put both of his hands against it, and kissed it. I assume because that’s the last place he saw Jeff. It was the sweetest, most adorable gesture. Charlie was so proud of himself, and he ran excitedly into my arms, just like every other night. And I waited until he was in bed and the door was closed before I totally melted like the proudest mama ever.


5 responses to “There lies my melted heart

  1. what a doll. He’s a sweet kid who must have some parents that are doing a pretty good job. About the videos you posted yesterday…. Josh and I headed to bed singing “hello, hello, hello and how are you….” sticky little song.

  2. Too adorable for words!

  3. Yes, sweet, sweet boy. See you soon!

  4. you are kidding?! that is precious. melts my heart even from afar!

  5. i love it!!! i bet he melts your heart often. i hope you guys had a wonderful christmas.

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