My world is changing. In good ways.

I will be finished with my admin job by mid-December. I will have worked there two days a week for nearly a year, and it’s time for something different. I’ll be returning to the role of full-time mom, as well as continuing with freelance projects.

And therein is another approaching change. In preparation for my upcoming loss of a (somewhat) dependable income, I decided I would like to get on board with at least one more pubisher (I currently work for two). This would mean the likelihood of having multiple projects to juggle at once, but I think I’m up for the challenge. And maybe I’ll have a friend watch Charlie one or two mornings a week, so that I can have some dedicated work time. Anyway, the news is, I’ve been in contact with Baker (in Grand Rapids), and will be freelancing for them as soon as a project becomes available. Exciting times!


3 responses to “Changes

  1. Love it!

  2. so great 🙂 congrats!

  3. Won’t it be nice to stay in on those cold, snowy days! Congratulations!

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