Newsy bits

This morning I voted. My first time ever at the actual polls. (And no, I will not tell you who I voted for.) It couldn’t have been easier: our location was a school just across the street from our apartment—and the weather is gorgeous—so we just trotted on over, and Charlie was good and patient and quiet the whole time.

Now Lucas is here to play, and the boys have taken no time at all to storm through the living room with balls and cars and blocks. Fact: Charlie has far too many balls for the size of this apartment. At any given moment, there is at least one ball underfoot. Lucas is currently holding three of them—a tennis ball, a mini football, and a bouncy pink rubber ball. Meanwhile, Charlie is crawling through his tunnel on two knees and one hand, as the other arm is holding on for dear life to his new puppy ball from Gramps. They sure are cute, these boys.

My dad came to visit last Wednesday night, and stayed until Sunday morning. We had a blast. Not only because he spoiled us (well, Charlie) rotten, but because there is nothing more delightful than seeing my child bond with my parent. From the minute Gramps walked in, Charlie followed him everywhere. They were both smitten! The highlight of the weekend might have been Halloween. We took Charlie to a few homes of people we know, and then just did a short walk up one of their neighborhoods.

Here’s Charlie as Pumpkin, or “Big Ball,” as he affectionately names all pumpkins, no matter their size.


Notice the blue mouth: this came courtesy of his very first Trick or Treat goody, a Tootsie Pop from Lucas’s mom, Liz. Here’s Charlie with Gramps:


The art of Trick or Treating:


And one last tired look at that blue mouth:


Nana, we wish you could have been here, too!

I’m now going to attempt to walk both of these boys down the street to the post office. I’m thinking maybe it’s time to invest in a double stroller.


2 responses to “Newsy bits

  1. A double stroller may be a good idea indeed. Charlie is the cutest ‘big ball’ ever 🙂

  2. Cute little “MUNCHKIN PUMPKIN”!

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