How long is too long?

Our latest visitor—Fall—has arrived unannounced. I am loving this rain, this cozy-up weather, and wishing it weren’t merely a harbinger of snow days ahead.

Here’s my “reader interaction” question of the day: What is one article of clothing that you just cannot part with, no matter how outdated/threadbare/hideous/tight it becomes?

My response: my long jean skirt. I’ve held onto this versatile piece of denim for, I don’t know, four or five years, mostly due to ignorance. I just was never aware that it ceased to be “in style,” until recently when Jeff informed me (under duress) that it looks like the 90s. I was mildly offended for a short minute, until I made a firm decision to not care. I will continue to wear it. Mostly to work. Like today. But also occasionally to church with a cute tank and brown flats. Maybe it’s frumpy, maybe it’s old school, but I can wear it with anything and I’m perfectly happy with that.


3 responses to “How long is too long?

  1. Funny you should ask – Grandma and Grandpa were here last night and tonight and both nights I was wearing my favorite, worn-out, green, paint t-shirt. Oscar wanted to go get the camera to take a picture to show everyone how I “dressed up” for them!!!! The nerve!!!! Every color we’ve ever painted is on this shirt (in otherwords it’s mostly Balsam Beige!!!), it has several holes across the shoulder seams, the edges of the sleeves have split along the fold of the sleeve hems, and, like you, I don’t care. I will continue to wear it until I open the washing machine and find it completely in shreds and I cannot determine where to put my head!!!

  2. I can’t think of much but one item I can think of are my original Rocketdog shoes. They are so worn out, have holes in the bottom, get water in them if it’s raining…but I still wear them. I keep my eyes peeled for other pairs out there but I know I probably should just move on. 🙂 But I won’t move on until I absolutely have to!

  3. A pair of hand-me-down Joe Cool boxers. They were worn thin by my cousin already when I got them as a pre-teen. Over 15 years later and married, and they’re a regular pj choice still!

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