Live and Learn

Note to self:

3 trips through the toll plaza without the iPass registering

+ 2 foolish Reimers who don’t take seriously the sign that proclaims, “Missed toll? Pay online!”

=62.40 due to Illinois Tollway

**Update: I DID call today, and we DON’T have to pay!! I explained that we had just bought a new car, and we realized too late that our iPass transponder wasn’t mounted in the right place…blahblahblah. SO. We were charged $2.40 for the missed tolls, and the $60 in fines was waived. Sweet.


3 responses to “Live and Learn

  1. Ooooh, yes, ouch! Would it be worth a call to plead…”I’m guilty but I’m new…and didn’t understand, etc.”?

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