A few things I don’t understand

1. The recent Wendy’s ad campaign: “It’s WAY better than fast food; it’s Wendy’s!”

2. How Charlie can be such a boy with blocks and trucks, but such a pansy when he falls down or gets dirt on his hands.

3. Why every single time I go to the gym (which, ahem, has not been frequently), I hear the same ridiculous song blaring over the sound system: “I kissed a girl and I liked it.” Who ever allowed that song to be a) written, b) recorded, or c) broadcast night after night to the ears of innocent exercisers? I especially hate that it’s so catchy…

4. Why I continue taking clothes to consignment stores. I am always disappointed at how few items they accept. Today I took a full bag of Charlie’s old stuff to Once Upon a Child. The girl behind the counter used a tone with me that communicated, “You are wasting my time with your stupid aspirations of making an easy buck.” Charlie and I left to do some grocery shopping further down the strip mall (gotta love the burbs, eh?), and by the time we returned, I was frazzled, annoyed that I had spent so much money on…what did I buy exactly?, and real sick and tired of Charlie’s fussiness. The store employee, a different girl this time, informed me that I would be receiving $4.50 for the four items they accepted. Then she passed my still-full Aldi bag across the counter and handed me the cash. I’ll be taking the bag to a thrift store, where instead of getting the glare and the annoyed tone and the four dollars and fifty cents, I’ll get a smile and a bellyfull of warm fuzzies for my altruistic act.


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