Charlie’s new love

We have offered corn on the cob to Charlie before, but he has always pushed it away. Tonight he pointed at mine, demanding a bite. And then demanding more. And more.

It wasn’t long before he was ready to hold it all by himself. After all, he IS a big boy.

It may be time to teach Charlie how to floss…


5 responses to “Charlie’s new love

  1. How cute! Soon he will discover the joy of mashed potatoes!

    Nice haircut too, Charlieboy!

  2. Adrianna finally decided (this summer) that she loves corn on the cob as well. 🙂

  3. so adorable. he really is a big boy!

  4. That was not the last time we saw that corn, either!

  5. this is wonderful! i have some super great cow corn holders so that he won’t burn his little fingers on the steamy cob!!! and yes, if he’s old enough to eat corn right off the cob then its time he learns the art of flossing!!!!
    (((i wish i looked so cute eating corn on the cob…but me teeth are so tight together, it always gets stuck in between every crevice! and then theres the butter that drips down my chin and the bits of corn and husk left all over my cheeks and chin from my lack of class and overwhelming excitement for fresh corn on the cob! that look just works for charlieboy…not so much for auntie d))) …this comment is way too long

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