Goin’ goin’ goin’

Have I mentioned the craziness that defines my home these days? I’m having a blast!

Last week, Jeff’s parents were here. We had a wonderful, relaxing few days, complete with Big Boggle, the Children’s Museum, a walk to the park, and plenty of books and belly laughs with Charlieboy.

They left last Thursday morning, Jeff and I both worked full days, then we drove to Indiana to visit our good buddies the Cochrans. It was such a treat to see Katie’s childhood home, see her parents again, and wander around her cute little hometown. And, of course, meet little miss Gloria.

Aren’t they beautiful??

We had a pretty low-key Saturday, then my mom arrived on Sunday. Charlie’s babysitter is off this week, so Nana is doing nanny duty. No complaints from her! It’s so wonderful having her here, and Charlie has been a little angel for her–so sweet and easygoing! He’s pretty much the coolest kid ever. Mom’s visit has included Mamma Mia at the theater (yay!), a trip to the mall, Giordano’s, Toy Story 2, and a tornado warning.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll drive my mom to O’Hare (sad), then tomorrow night Jeff will drive to Midway to pick up Tim and Samantha Dewey. Friday we’re off with the Deweys and the Pereas (friends from way back in our college days) to Door County, Wisconsin! Good times are surely to be had. And after that, life settles down a bit. And I can guarantee that I’ll wish we were expecting more company!


2 responses to “Goin’ goin’ goin’

  1. That all sounds fantastic. Glad you can have so many visits/visitors and lots of good times. Wish we were your next visitors. I am thinking it’s time for a family trip to Scotland before you guys start poppin out more Charlies!

  2. I look like the coolest person in the world in that picture. Wait, let me rephrase that. I look like the guy who thinks he’s the coolest person in the world in that picture.

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